Jobs for Peace

    Peace, a word written almost everywhere but cannot be seen anywhere in Afghanistan. Afghans write about it, wish for it, but they haven’t witnessed it yet. Years of wars have left Afghanistan with an opinion of impossibility for peace. What exactly can change this impossibility into a possible experience? Going deep down into the roots of conflicts in Afghanistan, it can be seen that the economy and conflicts are in a direct relationship with each other, direct but opposite. If the economy develops, conflicts decrease. The pivotal cause for the economy’s development is employment. Therefore, growth in job creation will ultimately result in a significant boost in the economy with which wars and conflicts can be highly avoided. Brightpoint consulting services has been working ceaselessly toward creating Jobs for Peace through entrepreneurial ecosystem building with the hold of such a belief. 

       The first step to create an entrepreneurial ecosystem is delivering awareness for people, particularly entrepreneurs, to gain more knowledge about entrepreneurship. Fortunately, Brightpoint has been able to provide awareness sessions and training using many different significant ways. The founder of the company, Matiullah Rahmaty, has a YouTube channel containing videos about entrepreneurship. As part of the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), Brightpoint delivered training including Hult Prize, Girls for Business, and Startupweekend for different organizations as CSR. In northern provinces such as Mazar Sharif, the company has held administration and accounting training for business women. In addition, several awareness programs aimed to encourage the role of becoming an entrepreneur have been held by Brightpoint consulting services in Lincoln Learning Centers of Qandahar, Herat, and Mazar Sharif for two months. Each week, one program was held through the Skype platform. 

      As a part of the contribution to peacebuilding and so entrepreneurial ecosystem, Brightpoint has facilitated the creation of new businesses through its incubation programs. For example, in 2017-2018, this company was on of the implementer of the project Women in the Economy, a USAID project contracted to the Founder Institute. The contract was signed between USAID and FI, and Brightpoint was FI’s local partner in implementing the project. Additionally, the company could work with the Bright Future program and implemented two chapters of the project. 

         To further accomplish its mission of Jobs for Peace, Brightpoint has a coworking space (Coworthy) for any business and has established theTamveel impact investing platform to invest financially or technically in newborn businesses and support entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurial ecosystem.  

                                                                      By Farhat Joyan

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