Jobs for Peace

Jobs for Peace     Peace, a word written almost everywhere but cannot be seen anywhere in Afghanistan. Afghans write about it, wish for it, but they haven’t witnessed it yet. Years of wars have left Afghanistan with an opinion of impossibility for peace. What exactly can change this impossibility into a possible experience? Going […]
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How to start a small business in Afghanistan?

In my last article on “Starting a business in Afghanistan”, I described the importance of starting a small business in Afghanistan. The following article contains my perspective on “How to start a small business.” The following are some of the essential points that might help you start a new business in Afghanistan. It is not […]
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Entrepreneurship in Afghanistan

Entrepreneurship is still a new concept for most Afghans because of the lack of information, limited access to the internet, and problems with the education system. The Founder Institute, as one of the first incubation programs in Afghanistan, started its activities in 2014. The program could offer its early graduate entrepreneurs to the Kabul market […]
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Entrepreneurship the key to Afghanistan’s peace building process

Afghanistan and conflict are synonyms since I can remember. The war in Afghanistan has resulted in problems that make life harder each year. Despite the Afghan government and the international community’s efforts, Afghanistan’s peace is still out of sight. Stopping conflict and violence requires a good understanding of its root causes. Considering the relation between […]
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